Monthly Archives: April 2009

How Did it All Happen?

In order to understand the future, it is helpful to know the past to appreciate how we got where we are today. Who would have known that what started as an idea to rekindle some community pride at a Chamber of Commerce meeting would rejuvenate our community in a major way? Along the route were […]

Launching a New Website!

The launch of our new interactive website starts the next era in the Spirit Way initiative. Over the past five years a tremendous amount has been accomplished from a great core of volunteers who have raised over $1.4 million. We are not finished. Enhancements are still underway. This Blog will be a way to keep […]

Call of the North to Thompson

From By Irene Butler A distant lone howl pierced the night sky. It set off a chorus of howling that wolves engage in to solidify the pack’s social structure and to signal their presence to neighbouring packs. A platter-sized moon cast a silver glow on the flowing water; the scent of pine wafted from […]

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