Bateman Wolf Mural Protected by Copyright

The 10-storey wolf mural, which was painted on the Highland Tower in Thompson, Manitoba, is an exact reproduction of Robert Bateman’€™s wolf sketch, which was drawn in 1990. Bateman, a Canadian artist and internationally acclaimed wildlife painter, is best known for realism style paintings that reflect our natural world, wildlife, nature and the environment.

The copyright will protect the Robert Bateman’€™s work from being duplicated or plagiarized. Permission to duplicate or photograph the mural must be obtained from Spirit Way Inc., the local community group that initiated the mural project. Spirit Way Inc. has been granted unlimited rights for reproduction.

No charges or infringements will be laid if a photograph of the mural is reproduced for personal use for a scrapbook or souvenir photo. However, reproductions such as postcards, posters, brochures, decals, or similar items, for the purpose of earning income, must be approval by Spirit Way Inc., and the original painter, Robert Bateman. The Spirit Way Board will review each request, and those deemed worthy will be presented to Bateman. Infractions will initiate a cease and desist order, or legal claims may be pursued. The Board will monitor all public reproduction carefully to protect the ownership rights of Spirit Way Inc. and Robert Bateman.