Spirit Way Initiatives for 2013

Spirit Way Inc was formed in 2004 and has made incredible progress with creating a walkway with points of interest that highlight unique aspects of Thompson. It’s now recognized as a Manitoba Star Attraction and listed as one of the “Top 20 Places to Visit in Manitoba”.

Each year the volunteer Board raises funds, plans and manages events, programs, and attractions. Last year an extremely successful Wolf & Carnivore Conference was held with nearly 100 attendees from 5 countries and some of the top wolf experts in the world. Out of that has come several actions and recommendations to move forward in developing a wolf economy in Manitoba. Plus a great deal of support from respected people and organizations.

Many jurisdictions around the world tried to exterminate their wolves, and very complex issues are still brewing in the FOR and AGAINST wolf camps. Northern Manitoba has been fortunate and never had to deal with these controversial issues. Thompson and Manitoba can set an example to the world in best practises with wolf management policy, ecotourism, conservation and education. We will partner with other wolf and wildlife organizations to make it so.

This year, Spirit Way Inc, will focus on the following initiatives to continue to bring good PR for Thompson:


Targeted at kids from 2 to 12 years of age, it will be a wonderful play and exercise area along the Spirit Way walkway. Total project costs are estimated at $200,000. Drawings will be released in May, 2013.

Spirit Way Inc and Thompson Lions Club will manage the project and seek other partners over the next 2 summers to complete it. The Thompson Boys and Girls Club will be involved. Other groups and the public are invited to contact us to learn more or to help with the many facets that are involved from landscaping, building structures, fabricating, public art, etc. Go to CONTACT US or call any SWI Board member.


This project has been on hold since 2010, as the former Thompson Zoo is now being resurrected as the BDC. A first class wolf enclosure will be developed this year that will be 30 times larger that the original wolf cage built in the 1980s with many new features to stimulate and keep wolves healthy and stress free. Very young wolf pups will come from a breeding area in Ontario when the time comes in 2014. Some $247,000 has been raised for this project.


Many recommendations came out of the Wolf Conference in 2012. Partnerships and collaboration are on-going with Canadian and American stakeholders such as universities, wildlife and wolf organizations, trappers, eco-tourism interests, native agencies, development corporations, etc. Spirit Way Inc has been invited to present at the International Wolf Centre’s Wolf Conference in Duluth, Minnesota in October, 2013. Strategic planning sessions are being organized. More details will be provided as time progresses. If you have interest in any capacity of Wolf Conservation, Education, Research, Tourism, Art and Culture, Events… please contact us through Facebook, Thompson Spirit Way, or go to CONTACT US at the bottom of the Home Page.