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Spirit Way – A Personal Perspective

Dateline – June 29, 2009 My take on Spirit Way, Thompson, and my family By Hilda Fitzner  Tansi (Cree greeting for €˜Hello, how are you€™):  I am Hilda Rose Fitzner.  I am a Northern Manitoba Cree Aboriginal, raised in Wabowden, Manitoba, a bay line community 109 kilometres south of Thompson.  I wish to share some […]

A Manitoba Star Attraction – It’s official!

In 2004, when the Spirit Way Master Plan was presented to City Council, the goal was to create a Manitoba Star Attraction. After 5 years, over $1.3 million raised, and an unbelievable amount of volunteer effort and community support, Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism, Eric Robinson, has informed the Board that Spirit Way is […]

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