Q. How long does it take to walk the Spirit Way route?
A. Walking is the best way to see all the Points of Interest and get some exercise! Starting at the Museum and heading to the River takes about 2-3 hours depending how long you stop at each site, read the display panels, enjoy the viewpoints, watch the planes land, etc. Sometimes people will leave a car at the City Hall parking lot so they don’t have to walk back to the Museum. Others call a cab from City Hall or City Centre Mall when returning.

If you are driving, you can do the Condensed version by stopping at these sites and you will see 80% of Spirit Way… Museum, Highland Tower mural up close, 4 Nelson Road Viewpoint, North Central Mall wolf pack, Firefighter Tribute, Commerce Tribute, Bailey Bridge, Aviation Tribute.
Best place to see the rockface is from Juniper Park on Juniper Drive.

Q. What kind of pathway is it?
A. Spirit Way is a combination of gravel and pavement. You don’t need hiking boots, but comfortable shoes are important.

Q. Should I take my camera?
A. Absolutely! Some of the vistas and viewpoints are beautiful and interesting. Shoot(photo!) the wolf statues and the wolf mural.

The Commerce Site and Norseman floatplane are stunning locations. The Rockface is the most unique rock sculpture in Canada.

Just be careful when you shoot into the sun at the Wolf Mural viewpoint. Read the display panel for photo tips.

Q. What if I get tired walking?
A. Halfway is the City Centre Mall and downtown. Stop for a coffee, phone call or washroom break. Take the walk in two parts if you need to – Forest and Downtown Section on one day. And River Section on another.

Q. Where can I get literature and maps?
A. The Museum and Thompson Chamber of Commerce office (79 Selkirk Ave) sells Official Spirit Way Guide Books that gives you lots of great photos and information on each Point of Interest.

Q. Who started Spirit Way?
A. Spirit Way was developed by a group of volunteers who raised the money and worked with other community groups to build the sites. Some were non-existent and others were in need of repair. The purpose was to show and tell unique aspects of Thompson and the North.

Q. Who paid for all the Spirit Way attractions, murals, wolf statues, etc?
 The volunteer committee raised $1.3 million over 4 years from fund raising, donations, grants from government and foundations, selling souvenirs, and many donations in kind by local businesses. Less than 3% of the total raised came from municipal tax dollars.

Q. Who owns Spirit Way?
The Spirit Way sites (except for the Wolf Mural) sit on City of Thompson property and belong to the people of  Thompson.Â

Q. Is Spirit Way finished?
A. No! Ideas and improvements are still underway. The Rockface Sculpture project is a huge undertaking and will take years to complete. The Committee is still raising money.

Q. Can I make a donation?
A. Absolutely. Contact North Central Development at 204-677-1490 or go email info@thompsonspiritway.ca and we can help you help us! Or click here for our Donations page.

Q. How to contact us?
For Tourism information, call 1-866-WOLF-FUN (965-3386).
For Spirit Way comments, email us at info@thompsonspiritway.ca